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Understanding Broken Clavicle (Collarbone) Injuries

At Carolina Orthopaedic & Neurosurgical Associates (CONA), we specialize in diagnosing and treating broken clavicles, also known as collarbone fractures, a familiar yet significant injury that impacts the shoulder’s functionality. If you suspect a clavicle fracture, scheduling an appointment with one of our expert shoulder specialists is crucial for prompt and effective treatment.

What are the Symptoms of a Broken Clavicle?

If you have a broken clavicle, you may experience a range of symptoms, including:

  • A noticeable bump at the fracture site
  • Bruising and swelling around the shoulder
  • Difficulty and pain when trying to raise the arm
  • A grinding sensation during arm movement
  • Visible sagging of the shoulder on the affected side
  • Tenderness to touch around the injured area

What Causes a Broken Clavicle?

Clavicle fractures can result from various incidents, with the most common causes being:

  • Direct impact to the shoulder from falls, sports injuries, or accidents
  • Motor vehicle collisions that exert force on the shoulder
  • Traumatic events that lead to a sharp blow to the area

You should see a doctor if you suspect you have a broken clavicle (collarbone). A fractured clavicle is a common injury that can result from falls, sports injuries, or accidents, and it requires medical attention to heal correctly.

A doctor can confirm the fracture through a physical examination and imaging tests, such as X-rays. An accurate diagnosis is essential for determining the severity of the break and the best course of treatment.

Do I Need Surgery for a Broken Clavicle?

The necessity for surgery depends on the severity and specifics of the fracture. Our shoulder specialists conduct comprehensive evaluations at CONA to determine the best action. While many clavicle fractures are treated successfully without surgery through methods like immobilization, pain management, and physical therapy, severe cases may require surgical intervention. Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) is a surgical procedure we may recommend where the bone fragments are realigned and secured to facilitate proper healing.

What is the Recovery Time for a Broken Clavicle?

Recovery times can vary based on the fracture’s severity and the treatment method. Non-surgical treatments often result in a healing period of several weeks to months, during which physical therapy plays a vital role in restoring strength and mobility. For surgical cases, recovery may extend longer, with a gradual return to complete activities as healing progresses. Our CONA specialists provide personalized recovery plans to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Why Choose Carolina Orthopaedic & Neurosurgical Associates for Your Care?

At CONA, our dedicated team of shoulder specialists is committed to delivering high-quality, personalized care for broken clavicle injuries. From the initial consultation to the final stages of recovery, we ensure our patients receive the support, treatment, and rehabilitation necessary to return to their daily activities pain-free and fully functional. Book an appointment online or call (864) 582-6396.

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