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Treating Bone, Joint & Muscle Injuries

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Orthopedic Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Spartanburg, SC and Greenville, SC

What is CONA Orthopedic Urgent Care and What Can You Treat? | Dr. David Brown

Orthopedic injuries can occur due to falling, sports, or accidents. These injuries can affect your bone, joints, or muscles and negatively impact your daily activities.

That should no longer be the case because you can walk in to treat your bone, joint, or muscle injuries at CONA Orthopedic Urgent Care.

You get treatment without booking an appointment! Simply walk in, and have an Orthopedic Specialist help you figure out the underlying problem. We also have an on-site X-Ray to quickly diagnose and treat your injury without the time and cost of the Emergency Room.


No Long ER Waits


No Appointment Needed


On-Site X-Ray

Our Orthopedic Walk-in Clinics Provide Peace of Mind

At CONA, we know that pain and injuries are never convenient. This is why we offer CONA Orthopaedic Urgent Care at all three locations. At CONA Orthopaedic Urgent Care, we treat most types of bone, joint and muscle injuries – with no appointment needed! Simply walk in and you can be seen by a CONA Orthopaedic Specialist. We also have on-site X-Ray to quickly diagnose and treat your injury without the time and cost of the Emergency Room.

At Carolina Orthopaedic and Neurosurgical Associates, we treat most orthopedic injuries from a broken bone from a car accident to muscle injuries from a football match to painful swollen joints.

Immediate Orthopedic Urgent Care Treatments We Provide

Why Orthopedic Urgent Care?

Most patients with bone, joint, or muscle injuries head straight to an emergency room for care. But you may be picking the wrong choice for your condition – or your wallet.

According to a PubMed Central study, an estimated 13.7% to 27.1% of emergency department visits in the United States could be managed instead in physician offices, clinics, and urgent care centers, saving $4.4 billion annually.

Despite being a long and strenuous process, Emergency Room visits may result in a referral to an orthopedic specialist. So why go through the circle when you can see an orthopedic specialist immediately?

Orthopedic Urgent Care cost is the same as regular office visits. You still have access to specially-trained physicians and on-site services such as X-rays, casting, splinting, bracing, and injections.

Another advantage is that if your injury requires surgery, you can get one scheduled for the next day. And life-threatening conditions are sent to the emergency room.

Get better care from our fellowship-trained, board-certified specialists focusing on bone, joint, or muscle injuries in all our locations.

Orthopedic Walk-In Clinic FAQ

  • How Do I Determine if I Need Orthopedic Urgent Care Versus an Emergency Room Visit?

Orthopedic Urgent Care treats non-emergent injuries like closed fractures, broken bones, strains & sprains, swollen joints, minor dislocations, and sports-related injuries. These injuries often do not require emergency room visits.

However, life-threatening injuries such as an open fracture, head trauma, excessive bleeding, or spine injuries require that you visit the nearest emergency room immediately.

  • Is Orthopaedic Urgent Care for Both Children and Adults?

Yes, we treat orthopedic injuries regardless of age group.

  • What If I Need a Follow Up After First Care?

CONA Orthopedic Urgent Care is similar to other care. If you require follow-up care, the team who treated your initial injury will still attend to you during your follow-up. This takes away the long wait and stress of bringing any paperwork, x-rays, or medical files to your follow-up appointment because we already have all your information on file.