Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Overview

Complex regional pain syndrome occurs when the body abnormally responds to an injury. Symptoms that do not correspond to the injury type or location are experienced. The most common body part affected is the hand. Patients who experience complex regional pain symptoms in the hand are encouraged to make an appointment with a Carolina Orthopaedic and Neurosurgical Associates’ (CONA) hand specialist as soon as possible.

Symptoms & Causes

Complex regional pain syndrome symptoms include:

  • A constant burning or throbbing pain
  • Hand stiffness
  • Hand swelling
  • Hot and cold sensitivities
  • Muscle spasms
  • Muscle weakness
  • Skin color changes
  • Skin temperature changes
  • Swelling

The cause of complex regional pain syndrome is not known. Symptoms usually present after an hand accident or injury.

Common Treatments:

A combination of nonsurgical treatment options treats complex regional pain syndrome. A variety of medications and therapies can be prescribed to relieve symptoms and prevent them from coming back.

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