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You’ve made it to the final two weeks of training! How you spend the final phase before the big day is critical to the outcome of your race. Your fifth-week regimen should focus on maintaining a comfortable “race pace” while still slowly increasing your endurance. Your sixth week, or race week, should be spent doing lighter workouts.

Both are outlined below:


  • Day one and two, alternate running and walking for at least 30 minutes
  • Day three and four, aim to run between 20-30 minutes each day without stopping
  • Challenge yourself on day five or six to slowly run 3.1 miles
  • Allow two days during the week for rest


  • Day one, two and three: run between 20-30 minutes each day without stopping
  • The two days before your race you should rest
  • Day six is RACE DAY.

According to Tips for Your First Race, race week is not the time to try anything different including new shoes, new gear or new mileage. You should spend the final two days before your 5k hydrating and staying off your feet. You do not want to enter the race injured or with sore muscles.

On race day, dress appropriately for the weather, eat a small breakfast and arrive early. Concentrate on pacing yourself. Shape magazine advises you should aim to finish the second half of the race faster than you ran the first half, building your effort with each mile. Remember to relax and have fun; you have trained for this moment; it is a big accomplishment.

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