Outpatient Joint Replacement

Outpatient Joint Replacement Overview

Total joint replacement surgery can now be performed on an outpatient basis. This means patients can recover in the comfort of their own home rather than staying 3-5 nights in the hospital. Patients who are interested in outpatient joint replacement are encouraged to make an appointment with a Carolina Orthopaedics and Neurosurgical Associates’ (CONA) specialist to find out if they are a procedure candidate.

How is outpatient joint replacement performed?

Outpatient joint replacement surgery is performed using the same steps as inpatient joint replacement surgery:

  • Muscles and soft tissues are gently retracted to expose the joint
  • Arthritic bone and cartilage are carefully removed
  • Metal and plastic components are bonded to the bone to form a new joint
  • Deep and superficial tissue layers are carefully closed

A local anesthetic or nerve block is usually given to control pain and discomfort. This decreases the need for intravenous pain medications that can only be administered in a hospital setting.

What conditions can outpatient joint replacement treat?

Outpatient joint replacement treats knee and hip osteoarthritis. Select candidates undergo the procedure. Candidates are usually patients who are in good physical condition and have no medical conditions or illnesses that could affect results.

What are outpatient joint replacement advantages?

There are several key outpatient joint replacement advantages:

  • At home recovery and physical therapy
  • No intravenous pain medications
  • Decreased infection risk

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