Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement Overview

A reverse total shoulder replacement is a surgical treatment option for a movement-related shoulder arthritis pain. Board-certified and Fellowship-Trained Carolina Orthopaedic and Neurosurgical Associates’ (CONA) shoulder specialists are reverse total shoulder replacement experts.

How is reverse total shoulder replacement performed?

Total shoulder replacement is performed on an inpatient (1-3 night hospital stay) basis. General anesthesia is used to make sure the patient is completely asleep and can feel no pain or discomfort. The procedure is the same thing as a total shoulder replacement except artificial joint component positions are swapped. The shoulder’s head is put in the socket and the socket is put on the head. Shoulder movement is limited after the procedure but the patient experiences dramatic pain relief.

What does reverse total shoulder replacement treat?

Reverse total shoulder replacement treats severe shoulder arthritis that causes movement-related pain.

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