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Steroid Injections at Carolina Orthopaedic & Neurological Associates

Carolina Orthopaedic & Neurological Associates, with locations in Spartanburg, Duncan, and Greenville, SC, offers expert care in steroid injections, a powerful solution for joint pain management. This minimally invasive procedure provides rapid relief for patients suffering from various joint-related conditions, particularly arthritis. Our skilled specialists ensure a smooth, comfortable experience, enabling patients to resume their daily activities promptly.

What Are Steroid Injections and How Do They Work?

Steroid injections, administered by our experienced team at Carolina Orthopaedic & Neurological Associates, are medical treatments involving the direct delivery of medication to the affected joint. The steroid medication, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, reduces swelling and pain in the joint area. This makes it an excellent choice for managing conditions like arthritis, particularly in its moderate to severe stages where nonsurgical treatments haven’t significantly improved.

Why Might You Need a Steroid Injection?

Patients typically consider steroid injections when they experience persistent joint pain that impacts their quality of life. These injections are ideal for individuals with conditions such as moderate to severe arthritis, especially when non-invasive treatments like physical therapy or oral medications have not provided adequate relief. Steroid injections are a viable option before considering surgical interventions, offering a less invasive approach with quick recovery time.

The Steroid Injection Procedure at CONA: What to Expect?

At Carolina Orthopaedic & Neurological Associates, the steroid injection procedure is performed with the utmost care and precision. Our specialists begin by thoroughly cleaning and sterilizing the injection site. A numbing cream is applied to minimize any discomfort. Then, using expert techniques, the physician carefully guides the needle into the joint, ensuring accurate delivery of the steroid medication. The process is quick, with only a small band-aid needed to cover the needle mark. In some cases, like with wrist arthritis, the joint may be temporarily immobilized with a removable splint to aid in recovery.

What Conditions Do Steroid Injections Treat at CONA?

At CONA, steroid injections are primarily used to treat joint pain caused by various forms of arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. They are particularly beneficial for patients with moderate to severe arthritis where other nonsurgical treatments have not been effective. While steroid injections are commonly associated with treating wrist arthritis, they can also be applied to other joints experiencing similar discomfort and inflammation.

Carolina Orthopaedic & Neurological Associates is dedicated to providing top-notch care in steroid injections for joint pain relief. With locations in Spartanburg, Duncan, and Greenville, SC, we are equipped to offer this minimally invasive procedure, helping our patients return to their normal activities with reduced pain and improved joint function. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

Steroid Injection Treatment at CONA

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